Magic Moment

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About This Recording

This show was recorded at the Pioneer Underground in Reno, NV on November 16th, 2012. This showroom is a comics dream. The audience made themselves known at this show. I could not have dreamed of a better group of people to record this album in front of. For those of you who have been coming to shows for years, you will find the best version of your favorites and the new material that, until now, was only heard on the road. Those hearing me for the first time will hopefully be delightfully entertained as well.

This is truly a great overview of what I think are my best bits. An amalgamation of years of travel gigs, host sets, and train wrecks, melted in to one entertaining hour.

This show could have only happened with the help of a great deal of people. Wayne Wright, and the whole crew at the Pioneer Underground and Reno Tahoe Comedy. Alex Mandelberg, my feature and consigliere, and Greg 'Garage' Morrison. Susan Jones, my helping hand. The crew at The Parlor Live - Reuben, Boone, and Aaron for giving me the best home a man could ask for. TK, for being my saving grace in LA. Rev. Mitcz, a fellow comedian, without whom you wouldn't be seeing any of this (he made this website). Cody & Michelle Blake for their art and love. My best friend and roommate, Brendan Gamache, for being the encouragement and the unintentional venture capitalist behind my comedy. My soon-to-be wife Katy Jensen (Rupple), for her love and support ( and unfortunately her venture capitalist spirit as well). Michael Clark, for all the help in LA, God knows I needed it. My mother Charmaine Spadoni, my father Jim Rupple, my step-parents, Lou Spadoni and Roni Mayberry (Rupple), and of course my loving sister Lauren. I could not have asked for a better group of believers who just happened to be role models as well. The list of friends who sacrificed time out of their jobs, lives, and time away from their kids to come to my shows over 8-plus years is too long to mention everyone, but know this : I don't forget. I have been the luckiest man because of all your time, energy, and love. I am truly the sum of a lot of moving parts. It is my hope that you'll enjoy this record on behalf of myself and everyone who's been involved.

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I've tried to make this as easy and painless as possible. You can buy the full audio album right now for just $5, and you can download it instantly to enjoy however you'd like. There's no DRM, no special tricks, and no restrictions on devices. Basically, you're getting a series of MP3 files to play in whatever way feels best to you - be it iTunes, Windows Media Player, your smartphone, your iPod... whatever. I'm here to make you laugh, not to complicate things.

TECH NOTE : This album is delivered to you as a .zip file. Once you download it, simply use your right-click mouse button (or control-click on Macs) and choose "Unzip", or "Open" and you'll get a folder full of files. Drag that folder full of files (MP3 audio files) into whatever program you use for listening to audio (iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc) and it will begin playing.

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